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Board Member and Staff Development

Develop collaborative teams

Chair: Aaron Peloquin                    ACS Staff: Anthony Bass

Mike Eyerly                                      Jeff Mader

Corporate Outreach

Build support from Minnesota companies

Chair: Scott Rollin                    ACS Staff: Keely Couillard

Cindy Haas                               Jeff Mader

Kelly McShane                         Kelli Schneider

Mark Williamson                      Troy Barrow


Support and grow Minnesota ACS signature events

Chair: Tara Loucks                 ACS Staff: Carolyn Sharratt

Lynn Poferl                             Aaron Peloquin

Scott Rollin

Individual Outreach

Chair: Kelly McShane                ACS Staff: Carolyn Sharratt

Shawn Granner                          Cindy Haas

Lynn Poferl                                  Todd White

Build a network of community donors and activists and develop tools for DIY community events

Legacy Giving

Develop a high wealth donor network

Chair: Mark Williamson          ACS Staff: Lisa Stein

Mike Eyerly                             Tara Loucks

Sharon Bloodworth

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