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Board Member and Staff Development

Develop a culture of collaboration within staff teams as well as partnerships between staff and volunteers to deliver the ACS mission.

Chair: Aaron Peloquin                    ACS Staff: Anthony Bass

Mike Eyerly                                      Jeff Mader

Dr. Talee Vang

Community Engagement

To increase awareness of Hope Lodges in Minnesota and to increase occupancy of the Minneapolis Hope Lodge to pre-pandemic levels.

Chair: Lynn Poferl                           ACS Staff: Anthony Bass

Cindy Haas                                      Beth Heinz

Ed Kelly                                           Jeff Mader

Dr. Cindy Smith                               Dr. Cornelius Thiels

Mary Wiles, ACS Sr. Manager Minneapolis Hope Lodge

Pam Mason, ACS Staff Cancer Center Partnerships


The events committee will focus on executing a limited number of signature MN ACS events including the Golf Classic, Strides against Breast Cancer, and one additional event.

Chair: Kelli Schnieder                    ACS Staff: Carolyn Sharratt

Tara Loucks                                    Aaron Peloquin

Lynn Poferl                                     Scott Rollin

Health Equity

The ACS MN Area Board Health Equity Subcommittee will strive to build ACS engagement within Minnesota BIPoC populations.

Chair: Bukata Hayes                     ACS Staff: Anthony Bass

Michelle Benson                           Julie Elepano

Mike Eyerly                                    Dr. David Herman                          Andre Koen                                   Aaron Peloquin                             

Dr. Talee Vang                               Pam Mason, ACS Staff

Impact Makers

To expand individual relationships in Minnesota that build increased connections to ACS through alignment with major gift level philanthropy, events, volunteer leadership, and mission. These connections grow through events that provide individual engagement and cultivation in a personal and intimate environment.

Chair: Heather Manley              ACS Staff: Kathleen Callaghan

Susan Dziedzic                           Ed Kelly

Tara Loucks                                 Dr. Cornelius Thiels

Mark Williamson                        Sharon Bloodworth, CEO Volunteer

Volunteer Enablement

Build easily accessible recruitment and enablement tools for volunteers across Minnesota including Relay for Life, Making Strides, Gold Together, ResearcHERS, Men Wear Pink, etc.

Chair: Kelly McShane                  ACS Staff: Carolyn Sharratt

Shawn Granner                            Cindy Haas

Todd White

Associate Board of Ambassadors

The American Cancer Society’s Associate Board of Ambassadors is a group of emerging leaders in the business community committed to providing education surrounding cancer prevention; raising awareness for the importance of screenings for early detection; and supporting innovative research initiatives that are helping end cancer as we know it, for everyone.

Chair: Amy Hollenkamp                                                  ACS Staff: Paige Myers                          Liaison to ACS MN Board: Aaron Peloquin

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